Patient Testimonials

For the Family
"Our entire family is under the gentle care of Dr. Rob, even our son (age 4) and daughter (age 8 months). The kids always walk out with smiles on their faces. We especially appreciate Dr. Rob's unassuming and sensitive approach, ability to listen and flexibility with scheduling. We are grateful for his healing hands." A.D.

During Pregnancy
"I regularly visited Dr. Davidowitz during my pregnancy, which really helped my body adjust to carrying the baby. Dr. Davidowitz’s adjustments were very gentle, and provided great relief for both my upper and lower back from the pains that go along with carrying a growing baby!" S.B.

People Who Work on Their Feet
"Dr. Rob is a great chiropractor. As a person who works on my feet I get tremendous relief and rejuvenation from my visits. I also send my co-workers, friends and family to see him whenever I hear them complaining about their aching backs etc." G.B.

For Everyone
"Dr. Rob is a great help and I always enjoy my visits with him. Linda and Nancy keep everything running smoothly and are a fun asset to the office." C.H.

"I always appreciate that Rob is intuitive when giving me an adjustment, as well as patient and kind. Whether it is a routine adjustment or I am experiencing a challenge in my body, I always feel better immediately following, and walk out the door feeling taller and more relaxed. I definitely know I am in good hands with Dr. Rob." M.J.

"Rob has the ability to not only physically adjust you in just the right way but he is able to tap into where you may be holding on to your stress in your body. His ability to listen to you facilitates healing abilities
within your own body. I highly recommend him. With Rob's healing gifts you not only will experience physical improvement but over all improved well being." K.C.